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Dog Population Control

Our dream is a world where no healthy dog is destroyed simply because it has become an inconvenience to people. In the vast majority of the world dogs are still rounded up and killed to control numbers. We need to stop this and we support projects around the world that show people there are more effective alternatives to culling. Our projects have proved this: 92% of people in Malta saw a reduction in the number of street dogs thanks to our intervention between 2009 and 2015.

We are working in Bosnia and Herzegovina to show that it is possible to control the large numbers of dogs in Sarajevo, the capital city, through neutering to prevent unwanted puppies being abandoned on to the street, and education to change people's attitudes to ownership. 

We currently support initiatives in other countries with large street dog populations, such as India, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

We also need to train vets to neuter dogs safely and take on their responsibility to promote dog welfare, so we do this through four veterinary training centres and one mobile veterinary training unit that we support in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mexico, India and Thailand – training well over 300 vets every year.