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There are many wonderful dogs outside of the UK and Ireland who need loving homes. Rehoming these dogs in the UK is not an option for us, because too many dogs are still abandoned and need our help here. We need to reach the day when no healthy dog is destroyed in the UK before we can take dogs from overseas. 

We need to help people create more homes for rescue dogs in their own local area. We know from experience that happier dogs find homes more easily and more people come to rehome dogs if you provide a loving environment. We provide training and send our frontline staff on placements to work at shelters overseas - these placements lead to tangible benefits for dogs by improving training, enrichment and rehoming rates at the shelters where they have taken place.

You can read more about our staff placements here: and you can find out more about training opportunities here.

We also work with groups that want to improve what they are doing in order to get more dogs into loving homes. We are helping Animal Rescue Kansai in Japan achieve their dream of building the first Rehoming Centre built to Dogs Trust standards in order to rehome more dogs and save many more from government pounds - where over 500 dogs and cats are still destroyed every day.